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BamTools::BgzfData Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void Close (void)
bool Open (const std::string &filename, const char *mode, bool isWriteUncompressed=false)
int Read (char *data, const unsigned int dataLength)
bool Seek (int64_t position)
int64_t Tell (void)
unsigned int Write (const char *data, const unsigned int dataLen)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckBlockHeader (char *header)
static void PackUnsignedInt (char *buffer, unsigned int value)
static void PackUnsignedShort (char *buffer, unsigned short value)
static double UnpackDouble (char *buffer)
static double UnpackDouble (const char *buffer)
static float UnpackFloat (char *buffer)
static float UnpackFloat (const char *buffer)
static signed int UnpackSignedInt (char *buffer)
static signed int UnpackSignedInt (const char *buffer)
static signed short UnpackSignedShort (char *buffer)
static signed short UnpackSignedShort (const char *buffer)
static unsigned int UnpackUnsignedInt (const char *buffer)
static unsigned int UnpackUnsignedInt (char *buffer)
static unsigned short UnpackUnsignedShort (char *buffer)
static unsigned short UnpackUnsignedShort (const char *buffer)

Public Attributes

uint64_t BlockAddress
unsigned int BlockLength
unsigned int BlockOffset
char * CompressedBlock
unsigned int CompressedBlockSize
bool IsOpen
bool IsWriteOnly
bool IsWriteUncompressed
FILE * Stream
char * UncompressedBlock
unsigned int UncompressedBlockSize

Private Member Functions

int DeflateBlock (void)
void FlushBlock (void)
int InflateBlock (const int &blockLength)
bool ReadBlock (void)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file BGZF.h.

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